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Amanda Cech

General Manager Logistics, Coca-Cola Amatil

Amanda Cech has been working in supply chain and logistics for twenty-one years. She began straight out of university with a career with Coca-Cola Amatil working as a sales representative. In this role she helped to stock the shelves at places such as Coles and Woolworths. However, Amanda aspired to get into account management, a position where she could work on the strategies to encourage people to buy the product.

She asked her manager to do four days a week as a sales representative and then spend the fifth learning how to work in account management. Eventually she moved up and found a job in Sydney working as a Coca-Cola Amatil account manager with Woolworths as her main client.

During the course of her career working as an Account Manager with Woolworths, she worked in many different sales positions. This was where she was first introduced to the supply chain side of the business. After the acquisition of SPC Ardmona, she had to learn about the processes of the supply chain, especially regarding the fruit and farming industries.

Amanda moved back to Coca-Cola Amatil in 2007 leading the NPD team, where she became involved with the manufacturing, logistics, sales and marketing side of things. It wasn’t long before she ended up in the logistics division of Coca-Cola Amatil.

Amanda loves her job for many reasons. She helps with the strategy and direction of the supply chain and is involved in the network design. This includes where they are sending their stock and how it gets there. She has the opportunity to work with many different aspects of the business and is involved with continuous improvement and safety.

Working with Coca-Cola Amatil has given Amanda many chances to travel and be involved with various different experiences. She has been involved with, or worked in, areas that deal with automated forklifts, road transport, IT systems and manufacturing plants.

Amanda encourages any applicants to be confident and always say yes to opportunities that pop up. Always take the jobs that interest you and keep learning. She also urges graduates and new entrants not to be in a rush, stating that the skills you learn in the lower level jobs are likely to help you as you further your career.