Wayfinder Ambassador Program

Wayfinder Ambassadors come from a range of supply chain roles and are passionate about their industry, organisations and occupations. They provide a practical understanding of what it is like to work as a woman in supply chain, the vast array of career opportunities, and the future skills that will be required to work in this complex and fast-growing sector.

Ambassadors are available to engage with your organisation, school or community group, whether its in a formal setting, career expo or facilitated discussion. To book an Ambassador for your activity, please contact our project manager

Transferable Skills – Supply Chain Fundamentals Course

The Transferable Skills – Supply Chain Fundamentals session has been designed to be informative, engaging and interactive. It covers the most important supply chain concepts and presents key ideas that will help you understand what this field is all about.

This half-day program starts by explaining what a supply chain is and how it makes our modern lives possible. It takes you through the basic functions and flows of a supply chain, and a discussion of why managing real-life supply chains can be a complex, challenging but crucial task. Additional topics covered include the basic trade-offs in supply chain management, modern ethics considerations, and an overview of the emerging technologies that promise to underpin the supply chains of tomorrow.  

Research Project – Understanding the causes of female under-representation in supply chain and logistics positions

An investigation into the under-representation of women in supply chain roles; their perception of supply chain and logistics positions, what attracts them to supply chain and logistics careers and the issues that influence their decisions to remain in the industry or to move on.

Research Project – Digitalisation of the Wayfinder Career Map

The comprehensive Wayfinder Career Map will be digitalised, moving all information currently contained in the paper-based version onto an interactive online platform. Additional content includes education and career pathways and incorporates video vignettes of women in operational roles.