Supply Chain… a future proof career

The world’s supply chains have become much more complex thanks to a combination of a highly competitive fast-changing environment, changing consumer expectations, increased risks, and the impact of emerging technologies.

It means work in the supply chain sector has got a whole lot more interesting … and it’s driving a worldwide talent shortage in supply chain and logistics.

Wayfinder works with the education sector to:

  • build awareness of what supply chain is
  • build understanding of the exciting opportunities a supply chain and logistics career has for young people
  • help students identify the transferable skills needed for a career in supply chain
  • hear from Wayfinder’s Ambassadors about their roles, their organisations, and the sector. Ambassadors inspire students with their career stories and valuable insights into what a supply chain career might look like

Wayfinder is working with its industry partners to encourage young people from all education backgrounds and experiences to take up jobs in the industry.

Interested in hosting a session at your school?

contact: Wayfinder Program Manager