Inspirational women making a real difference

Leading the way at Coles

Kerry, Kristie and Vikki share their insights, advice and what they love about being Distribution Centre Managers at Coles.

Find out how women are making a difference and delivering value to industry.

‘Relationships are paramount, and bringing a different lens to complex problem solving’

‘Don’t just think it’s all about trucks and sheds, or boxes there is so much more you can do’!

Kerry shares her insights about the complexities and the elements that make supply chain such a rewarding career

‘Supply Chain is never boring! It’s a people orientated business’

‘Supply chain is ripe for change from a sustainability point of view. It’s a whole new area leading major changes for large organisations’

Genevieve opens the discussion on the importance of transferable skills and what skills you can apply to the role.

‘Say Yes to opportunities and the confidence will come.’

The ability to communicate is key to building confidence.

Jacqui speaks about the important role networks play in career decision making, skills translation and why it’s worth considering what value you can bring to a role.

‘You can genuinely make a difference’

The more diversity you have in your business the better ideas you generate. Things that we did 10 years ago didn’t work through COVID, we have to think of new ways, and a diverse work culture is key.

‘Anything is possible in an industry that’s so diverse’

‘Get in there and give it a go’

Fiona’s advice is ‘don’t look at a job ad and think I can’t do all of that, you can’t step into a new role and know how to do everything’.

Women bring a different flavour to communication and problem solving.